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21 December 2018

Participatory Methods for Engaging Communities (C)

28 November 2018

EthnoArt & I

In January 2016, I attended an EthnoArts songwriting workshop led by 3 facilitators from the Philippines. What really excited and […]
20 August 2018

What is Literacy

“I have learnt that literacy programs are not only to help learners to read and write per se. But, more importantly to give them opportunities to […]
20 August 2018

Let’s Go!

Jack & Eunice Having a heart for missions, Jack serves as a volunteer with Wycliffe Malaysia. In 2016, while searching for a new direction in his […]
20 August 2018

An Introduction to Orality & Bible Storying

An Oral World It has been said that two-thirds of our world’s population are oral learners.[1] Oral learners are not necessarily illiterate but are people who […]
20 August 2018

Serving the Walak in Papua

“Wa, wa, wa, wa…” The sound echoed inside the ‘honai’ (a traditional grass-thatched roof house) where we were seated. It was the sound of […]
10 August 2018

CmS Workshop 2018

What do we do when our cultural values and practices clash with Biblical teachings? How do we advise new believers? […]
30 January 2018

Bible Translation Transforms the Lives of the Manobo People

If God had told me on the very day I became a Christian that one day He would send me to the Philippines to translate the Word of God for […]
20 January 2018

MAD Oz 2016

Ministry, Adventure, Discovery and Safari I’ve just returned from 11 days of Ministry, Adventure, Discovery and Safari where a group of 10 traveled from Darwin to […]
30 May 2017

Participatory Bible Studies

Participatory Bible studies are a way to help people who speak any language engage with Scripture. These three videos are step by step handouts on facilitating three types of participatory Bible studies....