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29 July 2021

The beginning of Oral Bible Storying – Sunrise Cluster

I remember a quote that says, ‘Change begins at the end of your comfort zone’. For many years, Wycliffe Malaysia recruited and sent missionaries out to different parts of the world to do Bible translation and ministries associated with it. However, in recent years....
29 July 2021

Working in Partnership – Penang Hokkien OBT

None of us ever thought that we would be involved in translation work, what more Bible translation, and even more unthinkable, that we would be involved in translating the Word of God into Hokkien. God brought together four organizations....
26 November 2020

Mission in the Year of Pandemic

s 2020 draws to a close, it will truly be an unforgettable year for all of us. The events of this year will leave a permanent mark in our lives. As the pandemic continues to ravage across the world [....]
26 August 2020

Penang Hokkien OBT

Translating the Bible orally for the Hokkien speakers of Penang, thus making available the Word of God in everyday speech for people who are unable to read or find it difficult to read or who simply prefer listening.
9 December 2019

Journey of Faith in Bible Translation

Around nineteen years old, I was led to Christ and experienced His deliverance. In my final year of university, I received the Lord’s calling to join His mission to the unreached people. After working in the secular world for a few years [...]
26 July 2019

So You Want to Learn A New Language?

I have been asked many times how one can learn a new language. I am no expert in language learning but over the years, I have come to understand what works for me. I think one of the most important factors in language learning is the motivation factor [...]
10 April 2019

Yes I will go, but where?

On February 2019, I went on a month-long trip to the Philippines, where I shadowed a missionary. I knew I was interested in missions (God-willing), but I did not know where or how I could fit in. I prayed and talked to a number of people, one thing led to another, and I was introduced to Vera Khor [...]
10 April 2019

Teaching and Preserving a Mother Tongue

Literacy education in the mother tongue is very important as it equips the people to read the Scriptures in their own language and allows the Word of God to speak to them in their heart language. Children were gradually losing their mother tongue [...]
28 November 2018

EthnoArt & I

In January 2016, I attended an EthnoArts songwriting workshop led by 3 facilitators from the Philippines. What really excited and […]
20 August 2018

What is Literacy

“I have learnt that literacy programs are not only to help learners to read and write per se. But, more importantly to give them opportunities to […]
20 August 2018

Let’s Go!

Jack & Eunice Having a heart for missions, Jack serves as a volunteer with Wycliffe Malaysia. In 2016, while searching for a new direction in his […]
20 August 2018

An Introduction to Orality & Bible Storying

An Oral World It has been said that two-thirds of our world’s population are oral learners.[1] Oral learners are not necessarily illiterate but are people who […]
20 August 2018

Serving the Walak in Papua

“Wa, wa, wa, wa…” The sound echoed inside the ‘honai’ (a traditional grass-thatched roof house) where we were seated. It was the sound of […]
30 January 2018

Bible Translation Transforms the Lives of the Manobo People

If God had told me on the very day I became a Christian that one day He would send me to the Philippines to translate the Word of God for […]
30 January 2018

Changing Paradigms, Missio Dei and the Seven Streams of Participation

Based on a presentation given by Kirk Franklin, Executive Director Wycliffe Global Alliance Manado, Indonesia February 2013 No one today would question the statement that rapid […]
20 January 2018

MAD Oz 2016

Ministry, Adventure, Discovery and Safari I’ve just returned from 11 days of Ministry, Adventure, Discovery and Safari where a group of 10 traveled from Darwin to […]
20 August 2017

What is Scripture Engagement

One difficulty which most Christians face is how to study and interact with the Bible. Often, Bible translators face a situation whereby a new Bible translation has been completed and launched, but few of the native speakers of the language use this new Bible […]
30 May 2017

Participatory Bible Studies

Participatory Bible studies are a way to help people who speak any language engage with Scripture. These three videos are step by step handouts on facilitating three types of participatory Bible studies....
30 April 2017

Finding My Fit in Bible Translation

After serving with the Bible Society of Malaysia for 5 years, a friend asked me to help him as a CFO (Chief Finance Officer) in his company but my heart was still keen in serving the Lord in ministry. After much prayer [...]
20 February 2017

Transformed Hearts, Transformed Lives

Anée wept bitterly as she held her baby close to her chest. She was filled with a confusion of anger, grief and guilt. She was supposed to have taken the medicine herself and the baby would have benefited through her milk. But she didn’t understand the doctor’s instructions [...]