We practise most of our culture’s customs and rituals without even thinking about them. Some of those customs and rituals, however, give us a feeling of uncertainty, but somehow we do not know how to deal with our doubts.  Our cultural identity sends us in one direction while our Christian identity seems to go in the opposite direction.  What do we do? Our cultures all have customs and beliefs by which we handle death, birth, marriages, New Year and more.  But how do we know if our culture’s practices honor God, or in any way violate His Word?  How do we dig down to the reasons our cultures have these practices?  How do we deal with our struggles when our communities demand that we abide by the culture’s practices?  Do we lose our cultural identity if we do not participate?  How do we, as a community of believers, support one another in situations like these?  How can church leaders help their members evaluate cultural practices and make godly choices?  How do we who serve cross-culturally understand and help the people we serve....

Culture Meets Scripture Workshop 2018

at City Community Church, Melaka

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