The 3 day Camp Wycliffe held in Ipoh from 1-3 June, 2018 attracted a mixed group of campers ranging from 12 years old to 60 plus years. Our tagline “A unique way to learn about missions” provided a glimpse for campers to experience as to what mission life is like through missionaries’ sharing and simulation games. Many have in the past, took the leap of faith after attending the Camp to answer God’s call and experienced God’s faithfulness and providence. Stepping out to full time missions will change your heart towards God – not His towards you. Below are testimonies of some of the campers…

GRACE TOH, Nursing Lecturer 💬

This camp ignited my heart once again about missions, teaching me ‘to let go’, be frontline army, submissive and follow Him. In this camp; the messages, sharings, testimonials, simulations, songs and games / activities significantly sent one clear message and that is ‘STEP-OUT’.


“I learnt… from a broader perspective to small details of understanding in real life of being a missionary… to replace fear with faith.”


“I learnt to walk the talk… to realize that I need to improve myself before answering God’s call.”

BERNICE CHOY, Pharmacist 💬

“The simulated games gave me a real understanding of missions… The survival game impacted me the most… how we should face un-expectations.”


“I would like to go for a short term mission to experience God’s power and to know what He wants me to do.”

JOVIN WONG, Student 💬

“The sharings from the missionaries showed their dedication as well as the need for them to be flexible. I need to improve my Bahasa Malaysia language and Chinese because I need to at least, know my own language to translate others.”

MRS. DING, Admin. Manager 💬

“The missionaries shared about their fears and challenges before they took the step of faith to go into the mission field. They also shared about their struggles and joy in their ministry. This really helped us to see and open a window into what their lives are like. The real fears, problems, struggles, blessings and joy. It has really opened my eyes to see the life of a missionary, as it is. They made it real… the good and the bad, no matter what, finally God always comes through for them. The main lesson I learnt is, obedience to God is the only way to live.”

LIM CHUI PENG, Pharmacist 💬

“Bible translation and literacy work is very important to fulfil God’s command to us in bringing the Gospel to the ends of the world.”