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Christmas Greetings

by Executive Director, Tan Lay Leng

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

As we approach the end of another year and as people tend to do, take a pause and reflect on the year that has been.

2021 continues to be a challenge with many still navigating through the impacts that the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19 has brought. We in Malaysia too have certainly not been exempted and I believe each one of us have had our fair share of challenges and our own stories to share. Despite all this, we can continue to trust in Our Sovereign God and to thank Him for His provisions and protection.

Having two of our members tested positive for COVID-19 created some anxiety but by God’s grace, they recovered with no major effects. Praise God for He indeed is the God who heals! The bond and unity with one another were further strengthened through these trying times as we journeyed together with them in prayer. We learned to care and provide support for one another during these difficult moments and in the process, drawn closer together as a family.

One of our mother tongue translators who experienced difficulties during her pregnancy, gave birth to a healthy baby, despite the initial fears that something could go wrong with the unborn child. We are thankful that God was merciful and heard our prayers for this dear sister and her baby. We were also able to provide some financial assistance to her, as well as some basic necessities.

Against the backdrop of the various restrictions and logistical limitations in place from the ongoing pandemic, Wycliffe Malaysia successfully launched our first Bible translation project for an indigenous people group in Malaysia in March 2021. This is certainly a highlight for us and is a testament of God’s continued work in the lives of His people here. This is also the first time we would be fully responsible in coordinating a translation project as well as to raise the necessary support needed. A few months into the launch of this project, the Lord amazingly provided 50% of the funds needed! This is evidently God’s providence as many were going through difficult financial times. A dear sister shared her testimony with us-with one child in her carrier and another in the stroller, she prayed to God as to where she should give her money. That night she received the answer. Another sister whose husband was very ill in hospital, called our board chair to give to this project, despite our board chair telling her to keep the money for her husband’s medical bills.

The testimonies above are just a few of the many of how God has so graciously provided, not only resources for the various projects but also for the daily needs of the office and our members. God also brought a number of volunteers to help us in our ministries. I am pleased to share that we also have two new members who committed their lives to serve with us!

For some, they would remember 2021 as the year of restrictions and limitations from COVID-19 but as His children who are living under His care and protection, we can see that it has been a year of growth for us in Wycliffe Malaysia with this Bible translation project being one of the highlights of it. Not only has God done this, but it is an affirmation of the work of Wycliffe Malaysia (and our individual roles as members) growing in maturity and capacity. Praise God!

To know that our God who calls us to do His work, will abundantly provide no matter the circumstances we face is a great encouragement as we continue on to bring God’s Word to those who are yet to have it in their own language.

As we celebrate Christmas 2021, I do hope that you will have a memorable celebration with your friends and family. For some of us, it could be the first time we would be seeing each other physically after a long time apart and I believe this would be an even more special time together as we take the time to reconnect again with our loved ones.

We certainly have much to be grateful for but especially more, for the birth of Our Savior who came into this world in the simplest of ways and yet, through His actions brought Hope for us all. “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”. Have a blessed Christmas!