My interest in culture and arts were instilled in me by my teachers and family. I was intrigued by the uniqueness of languages and cultures. During my younger days, my mom and I used to attend mission events and we received newsletters from missionaries and Wycliffe Malaysia.

Growing up, I was constantly reminded of the importance of missions and why I should be involved. I often “argued” with God and I was rebellious. Yet the Lord’s voice was like a megaphone reaching out to me. On one occasion, I refused to attend the local church camp, and gave the excuse that this is an extra expense. However, one of the church pastors and my care group leader, sponsored me for the camp, and left me with no “valid” excuse. The camp allowed me to experience the love of God for the nations. It was at this camp at Yangming Mountain, Taiwan, that I dedicated myself to serve the Lord in missions.

Upon graduation, I served as a staff in a seminary for a number of years. In 2019, I decided to move on and I applied to a university for a year of postgraduate studies. Praise the Lord, I received a full year’s tuition waiver for this course. However, due to certain requirements needed for the post graduate studies, the tuition waiver was subsequently withdrawn from me. I was then advised to re-apply for the same waiver and by “coincidence” I was directed to an indigenous study project, which I would never have planned for it myself. As part of this project, I made several overnight field trips to the indigenous people’s villages. While listening and interacting with the indigenous people, I experienced peace and began to understand more about the community. I realised that I was once a stranger in the community but am now a friend.

After I completed my post graduate studies, I was reminded of God’s calling to me at Yangming Mountain. The experience and exposure I gained from the field trips during my post graduate studies, opened my heart’s desire to serve among the indigenous people. Through the encouragement of my church and friends, I stepped forward in faith to serve with Wycliffe Malaysia and was accepted as a member on 6 July, 2021.