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Finding My Fit in Bible Translation

By Sinclair Wong

After serving with the Bible Society of Malaysia for 5 years, a friend asked me to help him as a CFO (Chief Finance Officer) in his company but my heart was still keen in serving the Lord in ministry. After much prayer, I agreed to work but only part-time with his company. I planned to reserve two days a week to continue serving the Lord in whichever area of ministry He wanted me to be involved in.

A little while later, during a conversation with a good friend from another Bible translation organization, he asked about my work and what I was doing. I told him of my situation and my desire to serve in any ministry which needs my help. He told me about Wycliffe Malaysia and that they might need volunteers like me. He made an introduction for me and I am now a volunteer with Wycliffe Malaysia.

God has worked in amazing ways. Although my training was in finance and corporate work, Wycliffe Malaysia was looking for someone to help develop their website and I was available. I had some experience in blogsite and website development. I developed the website for the Bible Society of Malaysia from scratch so I knew what was required. Within about three months, we managed to build the new website for Wycliffe Malaysia which has been delayed for years.

God works in mysterious ways and often places us right where the need is. I feel I am just a piece in a big beautiful jigsaw puzzle of God’s kingdom. Each of us can be called by God and placed in just the right spot in the work of His kingdom. All He requires is our willingness to serve Him.