Our History

A look at how our vision for Bible translation began.

Who We Are

Founded by Cameron Townsend in 1934, Wycliffe Bible Translators has over 6000 active missionaries throughout the world working to translate the Bible into the peoples’ heart languages. About 60% of them come from the U.S. The other 40% come from 45 other countries.

What We Do

Wycliffe Translators help people develop an alphabet, analyse their language and put it in writing. Working together, they translate the Scriptures. As portions are completed, they are distributed to the community. Wycliffe literacy specialists teach reading, help produce additional reading materials, and train the local people to organize self-sustaining educational programs.

How We Started

Wycliffe Malaysia was incorporated in Feb 1994. The office was officially opened on 1 May 1994. It is an autonomous, inter-denominational, non-profit mission agency. A Board of Directors, consisting of Christian leaders from various churches and entities, provide policies, directions and end goals. The term of service for the board is three years. An Executive Director is appointed by the Board to manage the affairs of WMB.


To see a Bible translation in progress in every language needing one by 2025.


We want to assist the church to transform lives, make disciples and establish churches by translating Scriptures into the heart languages of all people.


Wycliffe receives finances and prayer support from Christian churches and individuals. It works cooperatively with other missions and Bible societies. Its members work under a partnering organization in the countries where they serve. However, Wycliffe Malaysia now have 14 direct teams or individuals working at various countries, mostly stationed in Malaysia.


WMB provides service opportunities to Christians who share the same vision and goal. Currently, Malaysian members are assigned to the Philippines, East Asia, Papua, Chad and Malaysia.