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Participatory Bible Studies


Participatory Bible studies are a way to help people who speak any language engage with Scripture. Below are links for three videos and accompanying step by step handouts on facilitating three types of participatory Bible studies. The videos and handouts are in English, but this methodology can be used in any language. Before facilitating participatory Bible studies, it can be helpful to have facilitation training, write to and we will put you in touch with others who can provide the training.

Participatory methods can also help people to come to consensus when making decisions, solving problems, developing plans or evaluating ministry activities. You can read more about using a participatory approach in ministry contexts in Orality Journal Vol 4.2.

Using a participatory approach has many other applications. Learn more at


Bible Study Method 1: "Where is the overlap?"

Bible Study Method 2: "Who? What? Why? Now What?"

Bible Study Method 3: "Helps and Hindrances"