Testimony from the Oral Bible Storying J language team

In the past, *Tikah’s (our J language project mother tongue translator) second oldest brother, *Apok, used to adamantly oppose her attending church or even joining the Oral Bible Storying project, claiming that these were the reasons that had caused their mother‘s death in 2018. Nevertheless, *Tikah continued to serve in the church as well as be involved in Oral Bible Storying.

One day, *Tikah was very surprised to hear that *Apok suddenly asked her for a Bible! He told her that a pastor shared the Gospel to him at a funeral, which he felt like it had something to do with the dream he had. He could not forget the dream even though at that time he was drunk. In the dream, he saw an open door with bright light coming out from it and a voice was calling him, “Follow me”. It surprised *Tikah even more when *Apok told *Tikah that he wanted to attend church that very Sunday after he browsed through the Bible she gave him.

So they attended the church service together. After the service, *Apok approached the church pastor and asked her about his dream. The pastor explained that Jesus was that Light and that He was asking *Apok to follow Him. Since that Sunday, *Apok has been faithfully attending church and eventually he was baptized. Since then, he has been helping in the church doing jobs like fixing lights etc.

*Tikah’s younger brother, *Sharil has always wanted to attend church with *Tikah, but was afraid due to the family’s sentiment. He was baptized too, together with his wife and *Apok in March 2022.

*Tikah is thankful to God that He has answered her prayers. She will continue to pray for the salvation of the other family members.

* Pseudonym