Who We Are

Our Vision

Translating God’s Word, Transforming Lives.

Our Mission

We partner with the church to make disciples by translating God’s Word into the language they understand best,
that their lives may be transformed.

Core Values

Glorify God

We live and serve to God’s glory so that people of all nations might know and glorify Him.

Christlikeness in Life and Work

We follow Christ’s example in who we are and what we do.

Church as Central in God’s Mission

We believe that the Church is central to God’s mission to reconcile all of creation to Himself. We believe that the Church is called and equipped to disciple the nations with His Word.

The Word in Heart Languages

We affirm that engaging with the translated Word leads to the transformation of lives.

Dependence on God

We depend on God and His sufficiency to equip and sustain us. We are committed to prayer as it is the fiber that runs through all that we do.

Building Kingdom Partnerships

We strive to build trusting relationships and healthy partnerships. We are committed to serving collaboratively with humility, and with a spirit of interdependence.