Wycliffe Today

August 2023


Impacting Lives through Bible Storytelling

Oral Bible Storytelling and Storycrafting activities are growing not just in Wycliffe….

April 2023


Giving Back to God

Why do we, as Christians, shy away from asking for such patronage? Why is the exchanging….

From Heart Language to Heart Change

During a consulting trip to help a minority group check their translation of Matthew….

December 2022


Jesus Film

The idea of having Jesus Film in the languages of Peninsular Malaysia was planted in our hearts….

Mission Exposure at Wycliffe

There were two occasions when Wycliffe Malaysia hosted visitors at our office….

August 2022


Take Me to a Deaf Church

Have you ever wondered how Deaf people do church? I went to a Deaf church here in….

When Jesus Speaks Through A Dream

In the past, *Tikah’s second oldest brother, *Apok, used to adamantly oppose her attending church….

April 2022


God Speaks Semelai!

So, on the 15th of January 2022, seven of us from Wycliffe travelled to Temerloh to celebrate….

Chia Sheng

Volunteering at Wycliffe

“How should I spend these 9 months before I start my undergraduate study?” This was the question….

December 2021


A Long Journey to Having The Whole Bible

Imagine that the Bible in your own language has only the New Testament, but that it is in the….

Introducing Our New Member – Tomomi Takeuchi

My interest in culture and arts were instilled in me by my teachers and family. I was intrigued by….

August 2021


Working in Partnership – Penang Hokkien OBT Project

None of us ever thought that we would be involved in translation work, what more Bible translation….

The Beginning of Oral Bible Storying – Sunrise Cluster

I remember a quote that says, ‘Change begins at the end of your comfort zone’. For many years….

April 2021


Missio Dei and Us

The Latin phrase missio Dei literally means, ‘the sending of God’. It does sound quite odd….

Call to Mission

I grew up in a church-going family, which meant I heard the gospel from a young age. At that time….

December 2020


Mission in the Year of the Pandemic

As 2020 draws to a close, it will truly be an unforgettable year for all of us….

Meet Our Newest Members

I first heard God’s calling during Camp Wycliffe in 2004 and responded to the calling….

April 2020


Participatory Approach

We are in many kinds of working relationships at work, in church, and even at home, but….

December 2019


Journey of Faith in Bible Translation Mission

Around nineteen years old, I was led to Christ and experienced His deliverance….

CUV 100th Year and Wycliffe Malaysia 25th Anniversary

This year, 2019, marks the 100th year of the publication of the Chinese Union Version (CUV)….