Author: Ray Cunningham

Reviewed by: Kelvin Ong

“Is Jesus your Lord, Master and Saviour?”
How much of our personal ambitions are we willing to let go and allow God to take full control of our lives?

These questions capture the essence of our Christian faith.

“Longhouses Open Doors” is a first person narrative about ordinary men and women, like you and I, obediently answering God’s call to repentance and discipleship for one purpose – God’s glory through His church.

In this book, you will read of God’s love and goodness to the people of Sarawak in Borneo – the Iban, Kayan, Kenyah, Penan, Kelabit, Melanau and many others during the period of the World War II.

We all fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23) but when God calls, there is no hesitating. The hardest of hearts responds to the grace of God and His forgiveness. Here you will find stories about the flames of revival amongst the people of Sarawak, sparked by the experience of forgiveness of sin through the death and resurrection of Christ.
It is the power of prayer and a faith grounded in the living Word of God that transform the hearts of people whom God loves. This truth is plainly depicted in the many stories found in this book about the people of Sarawak who stand boldly for their faith.

The author, Ray Cunningham, an Australian missionary to Borneo for 40 years, presents to us a glimpse into the mighty work of God in the longhouses of Sarawak. In the words of the author, he said, “…we are living for a higher purpose than our personal salvation. We are part of something he is preparing to contain His glory.”

As you read this book, may you discover and fulfill the greater purpose to which God has called you; making your life count for His glory. Have a blessed read.