By Tan Lay Leng, Executive Director

The past 2 years of staying indoors due to the ‘movement-controlled order’ and attempts to work virtually have sometimes been mistaken as periods of seemingly reduced activity. As we are coming out of it and re-adapting to new ways of doing things, we have been constantly surprised that those were seasons of God preparing us for what was coming next.

We launched our first written Bible translation project for an indigenous people group in Malaysia in March 2021. This was during the period where physical gatherings were not allowed, meaning we had to do this virtually, and it was also our first time raising funds locally for a project. In His goodness, the Lord provided 50% of the funds needed within a few months. This project will involve the completion of the translation of the Old Testament and is expected to take five years. I am also happy to share that we have, to date, received 93% of the funds needed for the project. Praise God!

2022 started with another major highlight. It was the first time we had a dedication service to celebrate the completion of a translation project for another indigenous people group in Peninsula Malaysia. It took the small team of 4 translators with one Consultant to complete the book of Mark in just six months, which is an amazing feat! To be able to celebrate this in 2022, the team worked tireless throughout 2021, juggling the various responsibilities and working together to overcome the occasional technical challenges. It is a testament to God’s provision and the team’s dedication. This community of people group who waited for more than 60 years, now have God’s Word in their heart language.

As we continued to seek the Lord, God amazingly opened the door for us to start the translation of the Jesus Film for four different language groups. The translation team for one of the language groups is working tirelessly to have the nativity scene ready for the church to use this Christmas. This will certainly make a great impact on the community as it will be the first time they hear God’s Word spoken in their heart language.

We thank the Lord also for more opportunities to provide training for leaders, church workers as well as individuals through our Storying programs, Language Learning workshops and Mission Camps. Some of the participants were also further trained to be facilitators and trainers. We pray that as more are trained and equipped, it will help them to be more effective in their service for the Lord and in their ministry.

The reality of the many, who are still not aware of the real reason of Christmas, motivates us at Wycliffe Malaysia to continue on with our mission. We praise God for your faithful support and prayers, which have been a source of great encouragement to us. Despite the volatilities and challenging environment we are living in, your partnership together with Our God who is working through us, has been the constant that allows us to accomplish all these and much more to His glory.
As we approach the festive season and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, may the reminder of His love spurs us to continue in our walk with Him, and the knowledge that He is in control and is with us bring peace to our hearts and our homes.

A blessed Christmas and a meaningful 2023!