There were two occasions when Wycliffe Malaysia hosted visitors at our office.

On 9 September 2022, twenty members consisting of youth and young adults from Puchong Gospel Chapel, Selangor, visited our premise at Subang Jaya. The group was led by Elder Philip and Youth Leader Jordan. It was very encouraging to see them so enthusiastic about mission and they asked many relevant questions throughout their visit.

One of our members, Yaw Choo, shared about our ministries, and also conducted a quiz session. All the 10 questions posed were answered by the youth, even though some of these questions were quite challenging. There is indeed much potential in this group of young people and we pray that some of them will commit themselves fulltime to serve the Lord in missions in the future.

Another group who dropped by the office on 24 October was led by Rev. Liu and his team from the Holistic Church Johor Bharu. The group consists of 2 families with children (including a pastor’s) and a few ladies who are active members of the church. There were 13 of them. Some could not make it as they were tested positive for Covid.

They were ushered into the conference room by our office team and our members Irene and another Wycliffe member gave a brief presentation on our ministries. One of them, a sister who hailed from Penang, was very impressed with the Penang Hokkien Oral Bible Translation project. After the briefing and fellowship, Rev. Liu announced that his church will pray for our ministries one Friday in a month in their prayer for mission works.

P/S: If any of you are interested to bring a group to visit and to learn about what we do, do get in touch with us. We will be delighted to host your team.