Vaimoliyaga Vethagamam Internship Program (2023-2025)
(The Bible by the Mouth)

An Internship Programme for Tamil-speaking Christians to Communicate the Tamil Bible Orally

We are looking for interns to fulfill the following goals under mentorship:

  • To craft / translate at least 40 Bible stories into oral Tamil
  • To demonstrate to churches how these oral Bible stories can be used for Bible study and evangelism.

Who can apply?

  • Indian Christians of various educational backgrounds.
  • Fluent in spoken Tamil (written Tamil not needed).
  • Able to communicate using simple English.

(Recommended by a sending church (a pastor AND a church leader))

Internship Allowance

Minimum RM1,500 or decided by the sending church.

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If you, as an individual or a church, would like to support this internship programme financially or in prayer, kindly write to us.