Testimony from the Oral Bible Storying J language team

On one occasion, *Limah’s grandniece was admitted to hospital in Kuantan due to leptospirosis. She was in critical condition and unconscious. The doctor in charge had given up hope. Initially, *Limah felt God’s leading to visit and pray for the child. She was hesitant as she was financially tight, but she decided to obey God and went. When *Limah was in the hospital with the child, she called *Tikah, another mother tongue translator, to visit the child’s parents in the village and prayed for them.

During *Tikah’s visit, she told the parents a story she learnt from the Oral Bible Storying workshop. It was about Jesus healing the bleeding woman. She chose this story because it conveyed the message that God is Almighty and God heals in response to faith. After hearing the story, the child’s father said if Jesus heals his child, he will follow Him and will be baptised. Not long after that, the child was miraculously healed. The father was among those who were baptised this year together with *Tikah’s brothers. Praise the Lord! Let’s continue to pray for the rest of the family to come to the Lord.